Frequently Asked Questions

How are your portraits made?

All of our custom portraits are digitally hand drawn to order by our hand picked elite team of talented artists.

There is no use of AI or aps in our process!

What's your turn around time for orders?

We work super quickly and usually get your first draft emailed through to you within 5 days!

From there we rely on you getting back to us with your suggested revisions or feedback in order to quickly turn around any changes and email the final versions to you.

Physical products are made and shipped out from our NZ location within 48 hours of artwork approval.

What photos make for the best portrait?

We reccomend the following for the best portrait possible:

  • Good lighting depicting accurate colouring
  • As high resolution as possible
  • A photo that represents how you want the pawtrait to look (ie. head on if you want a head on outcome, or side on if you want a side on outcome).

Feel free to send your photo to us on our chat bot or via email ( if you're unsure before you order!

Can i submit two or more photos to be merged together in one final portrait?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to merge photos together.

If you are unsure whether the photos you would like to submit will work, feel free to flick us an email first for our advice:

Are you able to edit out parts I don't like or edit in things that aren't in the photo?

Yes and yes!

We are more than happy to remove collars/bandanas etc as well as mud or sand from the photos. We are also happy to remove any features from human pawtraits that you may not be a fan of (double chins for example - ha!)

We can also customise to add certain accessories into the digital portrait - simply upload a photo of said accessory and mention that you'd like it to be included in your order notes.

How many revisions can I make?

Unlimited revisions! We are happy to make as many small tweaks as possible to your first draft to get it perfect for you!

Our advice would be to make sure the photo you upload is as close as possible to your vision for the final image as we can't make any major changes to the first draft (such as the head facing front from a side on photo etc)

Can I change the photo I uploaded after the first draft comes back?

Unfortunately we can't do entire re-dos if you decide the photo you uploaded wasn't entirely what you were after!

This is because all of our portraits are digitally hand drawn from scratch meaning that entire re-dos are several hours work. Again, please choose your initial photo carefully.

We can however start from scratch with a new photo for a fee of $25.

What does 'digital files only' mean?

All of our 'digital files only' options include A3 formatted digital files and not physical prints.

Once your order is completed we will email through your files which can be printed out at any print store.

How do I print the poster files myself?

All of the digital printable poster files you receive via email as 'final versions' are formatted at our end to A3 size and will print perfectly at that size or smaller. These can be downloaded from the email.

The files can be printed at any good print store, any good print website, or we do now offer physical poster prints ourselves here

Got further questions?

If there is any questions feel free to message us anytime on our socials, our chat bot or via our contact us page Here

We will get back to you as soon as we can!